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Throw your good ideas away.

being a professional rants Feb 18, 2023

Have you ever sat around and said, "Wow! That's a good idea!" 

Probably not quite like that. Maybe it's more like when something doesn't work, or you have a bad customer service experience, or you need a service that doesn't currently exist, you might say, "Hey, it would be a good idea if ___."

Or quite likely you went to a class, watched a video, or listened to a podcast, and someone was sharing some tips and tricks that they do in their business. You think, "Hey, those are good ideas!"

If I asked you to make a list of five things you could be doing in your business, but currently are not, could you make that list? I bet you could. Try it right now. What are those five things?

Look back at the list - are some of them good ideas? Like, if you did them, it might add some value to your business and life?

Great! Now, are you going to do any of them? And are you going to do them consistently over time?

I suspect the answer is no. 

Next week, if you listened to a new podcast, would it be crazy to think that you could come up with three to five more "good ideas"?

Stick with me here. 

Could you listen to something new, read something new, or talk to a few different agents every week and come up with some more good ideas? Therefore - and this is my point - good ideas are worthless. They are worthless because there is an abundance of them - they are not scarce. You know what is scarce? Your execution of good ideas. Actually, consistent execution of a commitment (or promise) over time.

Now, make a list of some "ideas" that you have done consistently over the last five years. The last ten years? What about the last twenty years? How long are these lists? (You know I don't need to tell you the answer)

Good ideas are worthless. So are new ideas.

What is priceless? Commitments. Promises.

What are you committed to? What promises are you making to yourself (and/or others) every day/week/month? Consider that who you are is your promises. Your commitments. 

Do you know what I miss most about knocking on doors? It's not the actual knocking on doors - I don't miss that at all. I don't miss the summer heat. I don't miss the cold and snow and ice in the winter. I miss the consistency. I miss the simplicity of my schedule and my life.  I had one promise every day: knock on doors. Now, every day I fight like heck (and sometimes I don't fight at all) to keep my schedule (and life) like it was when I knocked on doors. Almost every day I work to recreate the simplicity and elegance of my door-knocking routine. The power of my life is found in my promises. 

Promises don't fulfill themselves. It takes effort. It takes focus. It takes an environment to support them.

Throw your good ideas away. What is one thing you can commit to?